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Dynex - Universal External Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for Portable DVD Players

Model: DX-LI101
Don't get stranded on the road without entertainment. Add up to 8 extra hours of playback time to your portable DVD player with this external, rechargeable battery. The LED indicator lets you know when you're charged and ready to go.

Product Features

For Aiwa M270 and M280; AMW XD-DW5; Apex PD 10, PD 100; Audiovox 1700, DV-1680, DV-1700; Axion LMD 3428R; CyberHome CH-LDV712, CH-LDV700B; Disney MCP DP501C; Dynex DX-PD510; Durabrand DUR-1500, DUR-1700
Also compatible with esa EIDM-9530; Go Video DP-7240, DP-8240; GVP-5850, GVP-7811; Initial DVD-5820, DVD-9510, IDM-830, IDM-1210, IDM-1731, IDM-1810, IDM-9520, IDM-9530
Also compatible with Insignia I-PD1020, I-PD720, IS-PD04092, IS-PD10135, IS-PD04092, IS-PD10135, IS-PDVD10, IS-PDDVD; Liquid Video ZIDM-830; LG LGDVP7772 Malata DVD9167; Magnavox MPD850; Mintek 1700, 1710, 5830, 5860, 5861
Also compatible with Panasonic DVD-L10, -L50, -LV50; DVD-LV60, DVD-LA95, DVD-LS5, DVD-LS50, DVD LS-90 DVD-LA85, DVD-LA95, DVD-LV55, DVD-LV57 DVD-LV60, DVD-LA95, DVD-LS5, DVD-LS50, DVD LS-90 DVD-LA85, DVD-LA95, DVD-LV55
Also compatible with Panasonic DVD-LV57, DVD-LV70, DVD-LV75, DVD-PA65, DVD-PV40, DVD-PV55; Petters PDM-0722, PDM-0824; Polaroid PDVO700, PDV0800, PDV0823A, PDV1002A; RCA 5400P; Samsung DVD-L75, DVD-L100, DVD-L200, DVD-L300; Shinco DVD-1810
Also compatible with Sony DVPFX00; Toshiba SDP-1200, SDP-1500, SDP-1600, SDP-2700; US Logic DVD-700P, DVD-800P; Zenith ZPA-314
Light, compact design
Up to 50% more power than NiMH
Includes AC adapter for charging and 5 universal plug tips
Weight6 pounds

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