Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the Roxio BackOnTrack software work under Windows 7 platform?

    Yes, it will.

  • How to Install a Hard Drive Enclosure

    The use of a hard drive enclosure allows a computer user to add additional hard drive space, using either a new or an existing spare hard drive. Installing a hard drive enclosure for your computer is simple and easy for both desktop and laptop systems. Hard drive enclosures are available for both Windows and Mac-based systems.


    1. Insert the hard drive into the enclosure following the manufacturer's instructions. For many enclosures, this is accomplished by attaching the supplied adapter to the hard drive, sliding the drive into the enclosure and locking the end caps in place. Laptop drive enclosures may have small screws that hold the end caps in place.
    2. Place the included driver disk into your CD or DVD drive to install the drivers needed for the USB drive to recognize the hard drive enclosure. If you are using Windows 2000 or later, you can skip this step, as Windows will recognize the drive attached to the USB port. A Mac will also automatically configure the drive.
    3. Connect the supplied USB cable to the hard drive enclosure.
    4. Connect the USB cable to the USB port on your computer. The computer should immediately recognize that the drive has been connected. For older Windows systems, you may need to shut down before you connect to the USB port and reboot after the drive is connected.
    5. Format the drive, if necessary. You can do this on a Windows machine easily by clicking on "My Computer" and highlighting the external hard drive letter. Right-click and choose "Format" from the options. If the hard drive has been used previously, formatting will not be necessary unless you want to remove the files on the drive. If the drive has never been used, it will need to be formatted to match your operating system before use.
    6. Use the hard drive in the same way you use would use a floppy drive, internal hard drive or CD/DVD drive.

    Tips & Warnings

    You may have to make the hard drive a "master" drive by changing the jumpers. Refer to the jumper settings label on the hard drive to position the jumper pin in the correct place. This is usually not necessary on laptop hard drives. You can find the drive letter assigned to your hard drive enclosure by clicking on the My Computer icon on any Windows system. Use the second hard drive for data storage, backups or transferring files from one computer to another. As long as the computer has a USB port and the drive is formatted for the system, any computer can read a hard drive in an enclosure. If you do not have a second hard drive to place in an enclosure, some manufacturers sell enclosures with the hard drive already in place. USB hard drives can also be cloned using software such as Partition Magic.