Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long can the paper shredder run continuously?

    You shouldn’t run the paper shredder continuously for longer than three minutes. Any longer, and the motor may become overheated and stop. If this happens, slide the power switch to OFF and let the motor cool for about 30 minutes before turning it on again.

  • I set the power switch to ON/AUTO but nothing happens.

    As a safety feature, the waste basket must be placed under the shredder head for the shredder to work.

    After you set the power switch to ON/AUTO, the shredder is in Standby mode, where the shredder turns on the cutters only when something is inserted into the shred slot.

  • How can I unjam my shredder?

    Set the power switch to Rev (reverse). This clears the cutters of paper that have not passed through.

    If the reverse switch does not clear the jam, slowly toggle the power switch back and forth between ON/AUTO and REV.

    Caution: Rapid switching can damage the shredder.

    Make sure that the waste basket is not full. A full waste basket can cause paper jams.