Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long can I use the Paper Shredder continuously?

    Continuous operations should not exceed 3 minutes. When shredding for a long period of time or leacing the shredder's power switch ON while paper is jammed, the motor may become overheated and stop. If this occuers, move the switch OFF and allow the motor to cool for 30 minutes before resuming operation.

  • I set the Power Switch to the ON/AUTO position but nothing happens.

    As a safety feature, the waste basket must be placed under the head unit, creating a magnetic seal, or the shredder will not function.

    Once the Power Switch is set to ON/AUTO, the shredder is on Standby. Nothing will happen until you try to shred something; at that time the shredder will automatically pull the Paper/CD/Credit Card

  • My Shredder is jammed. How can I get it back working?

    In the unlikely event of a paper jam, please set the Power switch to the reverse (Rev) position. This clears the cutters of paper that have not passed through.

    If Rev does not clear the jam, slowly toggle the shredder's power switch back and forth between the ON/AUTO and REV positions.

    Caution: Rapid switching may damage the shredder.

    Also, make sure the waste basket is not full; a full waste basked can cause a paper jam.