Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Install CPU Cooling Fans?

    The CPU cooler is a heatsink/fan assembly that draws excess heat away from the processor. Fitting a more effective, efficient cooler is relatively easy, and a potential benefit is that it can help alleviate overheating problems.


    1. Before attaching a new cooling fan, apply a thin layer of thermal paste to the top of the processor chip.
    2. Place the cooling fan over the processor – there's a plastic frame to ensure it's correctly positioned over the CPU.
    3. Lock the cooling fan in place with a pair of spring clips or a series of plastic studs that lock into the mounting frame. Make sure that these are firmly fastened.
    4. Plug in the power cable from the cooling fan and your system is ready to go.

    Tips & Warnings

    The fan on the cooler assembly draws its power directly from the motherboard – there will usually be a connector for this, near the CPU socket. Consult your motherboard manual if you need help locating it.

    Always read your manual before installing CPU cooling fans to check for compatibility issues.